Thursday, March 23, 2017

Disney Princess: I Dare To Dream Concert

It all began with a DREAM when Globe Telecom partnered with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia to host and produce Disney Princess: I Dare To Dream. Read story here --- Disney Princess: I Dare To Dream Web Series Launch. Thousands of girls from all over the country auditioned until the number was reduced to only six. Watch video of audition and selection here --- Disney Princess: I Dare To Dream Episode 1.

Manila Science High School Received and ICT Laboratory from Globe Telecom

Globe Telecom, along with Habitat for Humanity officially turns over to Manila Science High School (MaSci) a fully-equipped Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Laboratory that will help enhance student learning.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Road-tested Zenfone 3 Max and I'd say that I am impressed not only aesthetically, but with its overall performance as well. From the "looks" department alone, one can easily notice that the design is way, way better than the Zenfone 2 series. This one looks very classy especially with its metallic casing.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Kaby Lake-powered ThinkPads by Lenovo

Lenovo recently launched their latest lineup of ThinkPads powered by Intel’s latest 7th Generation Kaby Lake processor to the Philippine market. 

Best known for its durability and performance, Lenovo’s ThinkPad is especially made for those who are looking for dedicated and reliable workstation. The latest ThinkPads are designed to keep in pace with your business, office or on the move and it gives importance to power and performance.

Globe Business Partners with Singtel to Further Solidify Its Cybersecurity

Globe Telecom recently forged a partnership with Singtel in its quest to provide its clients a much more advance and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. With Singtel’s experience  and rapid growth in the cybersecurity business, coupled with its global capabilities with the acquisition of Trustwave, make Singtel a natural partner for Globe in this important endeavor.

Mr. Ernest Cu, Globe Telecom President and CEO, talks about the historic partnership between Globe and Singtel and how the company is still finding ways on how to further improve the services being offered by Globe to its loyal clienteles. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

I Dare To Dream: Hya Tara Leonardo

Being the eldest child, Hya Tara Leonardo learned to be responsible at a young age. She dreams of being in the theatre industry since her love for singing was very much evident since she was young. Hya began helping earn for her siblings when her father passed away and her mother left them in the care of their grandmother. She is now the sole breadwinner of in the family and to make ends meet, she used her voice to earn money- singing in nightclubs, weddings and private parties.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Citi Aims to be The Leading Digital Bank in the Philippines

Citi, the leading foreign bank in the country continues to innovate when it comes to offering more digital products and services that will make the online experience for its clients easier and much more convenient. In line with this, Citi Philippines has just launched its latest digital innovation by offering an online credit card application and approval program, which is a first in the country.

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